Avian (Bird) Services

Our experienced doctors and nurses can provide a wide array of care for both our well and sick bird patients.

The Well Avian Patient: Annual exams are recommended for all birds so we can get to know you and your bird. These exams give us an opportunity to make sure that you are providing the best possible care for your feathered family member. Wellness blood work is recommended for most avian patients to check for underlying disease and establish a baseline of what is normal for that individual. For new bird exams, fecal parasite and infectious disease screening are also recommended. We are happy to help you determine the gender of your bird with DNA blood sexing if you desire. The exam and most procedures are performed right in the exam room so you can be sure we are handling your bird appropriately.

The Sick Avian Patient: If your bird is sick, we recommend an exam as soon as possible since birds hide illness well. Once they look sick, they can be very sick. If we are unable to find an appointment time that will work, drop-off exams are available. For sick birds, testing such as lab work (blood work, infectious disease tests, cultures), radiographs (X-Rays, with contrast if needed), cytology and biopsies are available. We only use laboratories that specialize in exotic pets so our results can be trusted. Many sick birds need to be hospitalized for fluid therapy, nutritional support, medications and a warm/quiet environment. Surgical procedures can be performed as appropriate. We work closely with Texas A&M if cases need to be referred for CT scans or consultation with specialists such as oncologists or cardiologists.

Grooming: All of our avian grooming is performed by the doctor. An exam is performed prior to the grooming. We routinely perform nail trims, wing trims and beak trims (if appropriate). We can also remove leg bands and microchips.