Imaging Services and Radiology

Carrollton West Pet Hospital is able to provide a large array of DICOM compliant imaging services including digital radiology and ultrasonography. Our direct digital (DR) radiograph unit with multiple medical grade gray scale monitors provides outstanding images with enormous clarity and detail. Direct digital units take the radiation and convert it directly to the computer image seen on the monitor. This is in contrast to computed radiography or non digital radiography. Computed radiography takes the radiation, exposes a film plate to the radiation and then this must be converted to the computer produced image. Non digital radiographs require that the radiation expose the film plate and then go through a chemical process to produce the image on an actual piece of film. With DR there is much better resolution and less chance for degradation of the image.

What this means to you and your pet is that we are able to see abnormalities that are very small in the images we view.  Also given the wonders of the medical grade monitors we are able magnify and highlight certain areas of the picture to get even more detail with no degradation of the image. This allows us to identify problems and thus start treatment as soon as possible. The versatility of this system also allows us to get the wonderful detail regardless if we are radiographing a hamster or a Great Dane. Additional benefits of this system include that it uses extremely low levels of radiation which is safer for your pet and our staff. Also, we have the ability to electronically transmit the images to a specialist or other doctor should your pets’ condition need it. Carrollton West Pet Hospital also provides ultrasound services with the ability to send these pictures electronically to a board certified radiologist and internist to view. Ultrasonography provides a different perspective on the internal structure and workings of you pet. We are also able to use it to guide procedures and let us “see” where our eyes can’t. Ultrasonography and radiology are very complementary to each other helping our doctors gain as much information about you pet as possible resulting in more detail and complete care.

If you think your pet needs our imaging services, please contact us for an appointment so we determine the most appropriate diagnostic for you pet.