Pet Dental Care

Dental health is often an overlooked and under treated aspect in maintaining the health of our pets. More than 85% of pets older than 4 years of age have significant dental disease. Dental hygiene is just as important for pets as it is for humans. Severe dental disease has been linked to damage to the liver, heart and kidneys as well as cause oral pain and halitosis. At every exam, we examine yours pet’s oral cavity to look for signs of dental disease such as dental plaque, broken/infected teeth, or congenital abnormalities. From there we recommend appropriate products and services to help keep pet’s mouth as clean and healthy as possible. We offer a full line of oral home care products such as chews, oral rinses, and tooth paste specifically designed to be both safe and effective for your pet. While home dental care is imperative to maintaining good oral hygiene, current AAHA (American Animal Health Association) guidelines recommend regular examinations and dental cleanings under general anesthesia for all adult dogs and cats. Professional dental cleaning and examinations are the only way to properly identify and treat dental disease. Our dental cleanings include the following:

Pre-anesthetic exam

Prior to anesthesia we perform full physical exams and lab work to make sure the pet is healthy for anesthesia. While under anesthesia patient’s heart rate, heart rhythm, blood pressure, temperature, respiratory rate, or blood oxygenation are closely monitored.

Through oral exam

Every tooth is closely examined, probed, and charted to identify injuries, pockets of infection, or changes in the gums that would difficult be determine during a normal exam.

Ultrasonic scaling and polishing of teeth

This step removes plaque both above and below the gum line that would be impossible to remove by brushing teeth alone. Teeth are polished with a special paste to smooth out scratches on the surface of teeth.

Fluoride and OraVet

These anti-plaque substances help prevent new plaque from forming on the surface of the teeth.

We are also equipped to take full mouth digital dental x-rays to spot dental disease that would otherwise go undetected. Full mouth dental x-rays are highly recommended for all patients.

In cases in which teeth are broken or severely affected, our staff is trained to perform dental extractions. Dental services are also offered to our exotic patients as well.

We strive to work with clients to provide the knowledge, products, and services to ensure proper dental care for all our patients.  Providing exceptional dental care is essential to extending and enhancing the lives of our pets!