Major Medical and Hospitalization

Although no one wants to need hospitalization and major medical care, there are times when pets become ill and need such services. We have highly trained and experienced doctors and support staff who are able to take care of these more intensive needs with your pets comfort and well being in mind. We are able to provide a full array of major medical and hospital services in a well equipped facility ensuring your pet gets the treatment it needs and deserves.

Complicated or severe illness may require many forms of treatment and diagnostics to provide the best care for you pet. We can perform a wide range of diagnostics such as cytology, digital radiographs, ultrasound, endoscopey, full blood work panels, blood pressure monitoring and EKGs. We have a fully equipped lab with in office blood work machines. This allows us to gain information quickly and frequently to better evaluate and treat your pets’ status as they are treated and recover from their illness. When needed we can transmit images and test results through telemedicine to board certified specialist for consultation.

Treatments options available include oxygen therapy, IV fluids, continuous infusions for pain control, continuous patient monitoring, wound management, metabolic and nutritional support. In case of emergencies we have a Snyder ICU unit which allows us to provide oxygen therapy in a temperature and humidity controlled environment with the least amount of stress on your pet. Also, our complete surgical suite is available should your pets’ condition warrant surgical intervention or diagnostics.

Our doctors and nurses take a team approach in diagnosing and providing appropriate, effective treatment for your pet. We attend several hours of continuing education a year that often times exceed the state’s minimum requirements. In addition, we regularly bring in board certified specialists to our clinic to educate us and keep our knowledge and skills at their best. This in turn helps us provide progressive solutions to your pets’ health issues.

We are able to provide individualized hospital care for prolonged stays if a patient is stable and needs continued treatment. In cases that require 24-hour monitoring or specialty care, we can provide referrals to nearby emergency and specialty clinics.

When your pet is sick it can be a very stressful time for the both of you. We understand this and strive to provide the best care and keep you informed of pets’ condition as we go down the road together.