Learn about the TEAM approach at CWPH

Carrollton West Pet Hospital’s Mission is “Enhancing Pets’ Lives, One patient at a Time. The focus of enhancing pets’ lives is done through a TEAM Approach adhering to the core values of Respect, Integrity, Compassion and Excellence. Respect will be shown to the pet in every aspect, importantly the client who has trusted Carrollton West Pet Hospital with the care of their “best friend,” “their child,” “their life saver” or perhaps simply, “their pet” and to each other as professionals as part of the medical TEAM. Regardless of how one views their pet we will do our level best plus to take care of your pet practicing best medicine every time with Integrity while showing the utmost level of Compassion along with Excellence in making sure the experience is the best it can be!

The TEAM Approach to medicine provides the opportunity, in certain cases, for multiple sets of eyes perhaps looking at radiographs, sharing ideas or thought process in major medical cases. Communication creates opportunity for learning and the TEAM approach assists in enhancing pets’ lives. Education is a component of focus as we have had numerous Board Certified Doctors i.e.: Dermatologists, Internal Medicine Specialists, Radiologists, Anesthesiologists and Surgeons come into the hospital for teaching and wet lab education. Carrollton West Pet Hospital has been fortunate to have these respective specialists in to teach and enhance the lives of challenging cases and to augment the continuing education of the doctors and TEAM. In addition to the in-house education, each doctor receives seventeen to twenty hours of additional continuing education by attending different and unique conferences in various locations in the United States, at different times of the year, bringing back a fresh perspective from that unique conference to share with the other doctors anything new to practicing excellent medicine.

State of the Art Veterinary Equipment

Diagnostic tools utilized by the TEAM are some of the best available in the medical industry. The approach taken is to find the best equipment at the best price to assist the doctors in their quest to enhance the pets’ life with excellent, compassionate medical care at a reasonable cost. Diagnostics are invaluable to taking the conjecture out of taking care of your pet’s healthcare and wellness needs. We have the capability to share these diagnostics electronically and, in many cases, DIACOM 3 [Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine] with other healthcare professionals worldwide to provide the best options for your pet’s healthcare needs. We can also email and text images in DIACOM 3 with full functionality to clients. The passion of the TEAM is using the diagnostics to provide the enhancement of pets’ lives in a nurturing, comforting environment to put you and your pet at ease. Diagnostics are used only to improve your pet’s individual pet care needs.

Boarding at Carrollton West Pet Hospital

Boarding of pets is special from a perspective medical professionals see to the needs of your pet while boarding. Pets are taken out individually a minimum of two times a day, more often if necessary, for the pets to enjoy the outdoors with one-on-one time with their caregivers and to take care of nature calls. The doctor on weekend duty will take care of any medical needs that may arise and keep you appropriately informed with the contact information given at time of checking in for boarding. Any special needs or requests for your pets stay will be accommodated as much as possible.

Carrollton West Pet Hospital is committed Enhancing Pets’ Lives, One Patient at a Time through excellent compassionate medical care utilizing a TEAM approach. We do not waver from our core values of Respect, Integrity, Compassion and Excellence as we pursue your pet’s healthcare needs.

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